All About Mi-Case

A comprehensive set of scalable, modular tools for the management of an offender within the Jail, Pre-Trial, Corrections, Parole & Probation, Community Supervision and Beyond setting.

A CJIS compliant set of applications that provides the very best in technology to the end user. Ensuring the very latest features and capabilities are available as part of the Mi-Case Offender Management Solution (OMS).

Optional application delivery methods, which include On Premise, Co-Located Data Centers, Centralized Hosting, Private and Public Cloud. Ensuring that all IT approaches are available.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Sentence Calculation Engine

Be ready for legislative changes with a powerful and flexible Sentence Calculation Engine.

Powerful and Flexible

Put the power to make changes in the hand of your Time Computation Team.

Comprehensive Collection of Modules

All aspects of the correctional operation is covered by the Mi-Case product.

Over 35 Corrections Based Applications

A modular application deployment is possible thanks to the way in which Mi-Case has been developed.

Remove the guesswork

The Mi-Case FITS engine does exactly as its name suggests. Individuals are placed into housing assignments based on their needs.

Ensure consistent housing placement

The FITS engine takes care of the specific needs of an inmate and ensures they are located accordingly.

Configurable Application Components

All application reference data is fully configurable through the administrator console.

Application Data Administration

Allow administrators to keep Mi-Case up to date through a powerful set of admin screens.

Cloud Ready

Using CJIS compliant data centers Mi-Case is 'Cloud Ready'

You choose the deployment method

The decision to host your version of Mi-Case is yours to make, Private/Public Cloud, Co Locate, On Premise or a mix of all, the choice is yours.


The Mi-Case application is a secure place for the storage of sensitive Criminal History data.

Keeping your data safe

Using a combination of different tools and techniques, the Mi-Case application is a powerful and safe location for the storage of your agencies data.

We Make Corrections Life Better

Powerful Integrated Business Intelligence

Use the fully integrated Reporting and Business Intelligence tools to analyze progress, report KPI’s and monitor changes in data.

The standalone Report Designer uses the latest UI standards to help you create and analyze interactive reports directly on your machine. Ready reports can be stored, shared via e-mail, managed with a variety of line-of-business capabilities, exported to any format and printed.

Conditional Formatting uses a powerful reporting expression engine with data conditions to control text color, font and background, much like Microsoft Excel.

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Beautiful User Interface

The carefully crafted user interface allows for the many powerful features of the Mi-Case solution accessible to all.

  • Integrated dashboards and KPI Monitoring

  • Offender mugshots on every screen

  • Upload and Download relevant documents

  • Secure user authentication and management

  • Feature rich notes and alerts collections

  • Complete 360 degree view of the offenders incarceration history

  • Automated alerts and updates sent direct from Mi-Case

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Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

As a team of technologists and practitioners we bring a unique blend of capabilities and experience that we use to craft the best quality solutions.

We develop and implement software that touches peoples lives. We take pride in knowing that the work we do has a positive impact on our end users, the agencies that use our software and the individual that they care for. With that mindset we can build powerful, configurable, intuitive and effective tools. It is important to Mi-Case that our employees understand the importance of the work that we do.

Team Members

Will Carbajal

Vice President

Dean Allen


Chris Masson

Product Manager

Thad Lowry

Development Director

Vishal Mehta

Application Development Manager

Aaron Pratt

Application Development Manager

Rick Davis

Principal Corrections Technology SME and Corrections Vertical Marketing Director

Chris Little

Quality Assurance Manager

Joe Miles

Business Development Manager

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