Mi-Case is the solution of choice for Statewide Offender Case Management System


Mi-Reports Puts Powerful Business Intelligence At Users Fingertips

Welcome to Mi-Case

Business & Decision is responsible for the supply, implementation, continued development and support of the Mi-Case suite of web based software solutions. Mi-Case is used all over the world and its value spans the public and commercial sectors in applications as diverse as:
  • Correctional services from arrest through to probation
  • Offender management and the prevention of recidivism
  • Electronic health records (EHR)
  • Incident management in the upstream oil sector
  • Risk analysis and root cause analysis in production
  • Management of substance abusing citizens
Business & Decision is a wholly owned subsidiary of Business & Decision Group, one of the world’s largest independent business intelligence IT service providers with offices across the USA and Europe. Details can be found at:
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